Is ‘Happy Marriage’ a Myth?
Deanna asked: “I’m sleeping alone after 5 years of marriage for the second time to the same man. Yes, the…
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The Magic Boner
Men frequently demonstrate wisdom and foresight to protect future interests. Saving money for retirement. Physical fitness and healthy eating. Career…
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Why Couples Always Have the Same Fight
There are always exceptions to the rule. People who never smoke sometimes die of lung cancer, and some smokers live…
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Why Online Dating Might Not Be For You
Maybe I was just doing it wrong. Totally possible. I’m good at several things, but there’s no reason to believe…
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‘I’ve Ruined My Marriage and My Wife Hates Me’
She liked to shower at night. The downstairs bathroom, just down the hall from the guest room I was sleeping…
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Do You Want to Know the Secret, Too?
Everyone wants to know the secret. But it seems like no one knows it, and if they do, no one’s …
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Celibacy or Retirement STD Sex? You Decide.
The conversation began innocently enough, with me talking about Marathon, Fla. in the Keys as my favorite retirement location (subject…
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Check Out This Other Thing
A very funny person named Mandi Castle, author of the recently released “Dear Stephanie,” and self-proclaimed “worst sisterwife,” invited me…
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Why I Wrote “An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands”
“Wow. Your marriage is a complete replica of mine except I haven’t walked out yet and you sound a bit…
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The Underwear Problem
Sometimes I wear embarrassing underwear. Each time I do, I’m gambling that no women are going to jump out of…
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