Hey, Is Anybody Out There?
Hey everyone. This is just a little test to see if any of you are still connected to this blog.…
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Why Relationship Arguments Can Actually Be Good Things (Video)
Conflict or disharmony was something I went out of my way to avoid when I was married. The idea I was blind to, was how critical the Repair process is in a relationship. When we don't actively engage in Repair, trust and intimacy are never restored as fully as they were before. Arguments, or disagreements, or even emotionally uncomfortable conflict can actually be really good for your relationship. It's about mindset, awareness, and relational skill building.
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Do You Really Know Your Spouse or Relationship Partner? (Video)
In today's video, we're discussing the idea of knowing your spouse or relationship partners.
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‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ is Trash Relationship Advice (Video)
"Don't sweat the small stuff" sucks as relationship advice. Here's why.
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Why Your Spouse is Never Happy No Matter What You Do (Video)
Many people (usually men) type into internet search engines: “my wife is never happy no matter what I do.” I remember thinking and feeling things just like that. In today’s video, I talk about how the sneaky erosion of safety and trust in relationships might be responsible for your spouse or partner appearing to be unhappy with you, no matter how much good you believe you’re doing.
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Welcome to Our New Home: A Quick Catch-Up
(Image/Holy Trinity Lutheran Church) Hey everyone. Some housecleaning items. 1. Welcome to MatthewFray.com Hi. It’s new and it looks different,…
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My New Book Gets Published Today and I Really Hope You’ll Buy a Copy
You know, I never imagined writing non-fiction. Certainly not about divorce and relationships, and certainly not about me, personally. But…
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What I Should Have Said: Three Questions, Three Drinks Podcast
As we move both frighteningly and excitingly closer to book launch day (March 22, 2022), media interest in my work…
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Are You Afraid When the Elevator Doors Open?
(Image/The Belltower – the Mount Aloysius College student newspaper) A friend of mine—female—was in a work meeting with a bunch…
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Introducing My New Book “This is How Your Marriage Ends” Now Available for Preorder
I like the book cover. I hope you do too. (Image/HarperOne) On January 17, 2020, I was sitting in my…
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What it Means When Your Partner Says You Always Make Everything About You
(Image/Big Think) Get my latest writing! Sign up  for my weekly-ish email newsletter to get my latest writing. Discover new…
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