October 2013

The Lost Followers
I lost readers—at least three—after disclosing that this place has been compromised. My place. To write. To opine. To emote.…
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The Marmot and the Cynic
A fellow blogger and kindred spirit has a crush on MBTTTR. Don’t take my word for it. He wrote a…
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Chauncey Billups Isn’t Real
I wanted to go to outer space. Fly in space shuttles. Eat shitty space ice cream. Play on the moon.…
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Pay It Forward
“There are two ways to live your life. One, as though nothing is a miracle. The other, as though everything…
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The Giving Tree
It just stands there. Quiet, steady and stoic. The ultimate wallflower. I rarely notice it. It looks just like thousands…
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The Almost Stepdad
One of my best friends just lost two children. Two little boys. The oldest, 5, and his younger brother, 3.…
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Pottymouth Training
It must have been between songs, because I tend to play music loudly, even with my five-year-old son in the…
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Maybe I’m Dumb
I move the mouse to the Publish button and click. Sometimes, my stomach hurts right then. It hurt when I…
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Clean Copy
“The first draft of anything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway Because I’m me, stressing about what I’m going to write…
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My Son’s Other House
The drive took one and a half songs. My five-year-old sang along with both because he has good taste like…
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