May 2014

The Godsmack
He gets this look on his face sometimes. My son who is nearly six. It looks almost like panic. I…
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The Single Dad Writer — A Tipsy Lit Guest Post
My son is gone half the time. But he’s really gone more than that. Because he attends school or daycare…
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The Moments
It was a slow death. Not a major trauma—like a shooting or stabbing—that killed the marriage. More like a terminal…
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Too Many Spiders, Vol. 2
I am afraid. I am afraid a lot. It’s because I scare easily. Not over things I’d consider irrational. Horror…
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Unfit for Fatherhood
The baby wouldn’t come. Push. My wife was in pain. There was a large audience of doctors and nurses. I…
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The Heaviest Laundry
I pulled the sexy underwear from the dryer. Black. Lace. Hot. It had been months since I’d touched her. But…
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Check Yourself Before You Autocorrect Yourself
“Hey! What’s the name of that HBO show you keep telling me to watch?” “A song of boners.” “A song…
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The Storm
My phone made a sound I’d never heard before. I picked it up and looked at the screen. Tornado warning.…
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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Many aspects of the human experience unite us. Commonalities. Things we all share. Our DNA is similar. Our biology and…
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The 95 Percent
“Hey, Matt! Why are you always talking about divorce!?!?” Because next to things like air and food and water, I…
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