September 2013

The Lessons of ‘Breaking Bad’
Author’s Note: There are no spoilers in this post. I know everyone’s talking about this show and annoying all of…
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Take Nothing for Granted
Statistically speaking, 146,000 people will die today. I wonder how many of them will see it coming. Millions lose jobs…
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The Write Stuff: Lessons From the End of a Marriage
Their 10-year marriage ended with a text message. A marriage she believed to be wonderful. Then, one day, one week,…
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The Penis Talk: A Conversation With My Five-Year-Old Son
Earlier this week, my son, who is in his third week of kindergarten, exposed his penis to other boys in…
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Grade School Shenanigans, Vol. 2: He Did What!?!?
The two most-commonly told jokes in men’s restrooms among both acquaintances and strangers, go like this: “Oh, so this is…
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The Underdog
I have to set the record straight. Because a lot of people seem to think I’m this big mess of…
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The Write Stuff: Gotta Find a Home
The world started changing with a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. He was walking to work. She was…
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How to Feel Grateful
I just watched Life of Pi. Reading the book was on my to-do list. But I just never got around…
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Grade School Shenanigans
I kept my head down. My first-grade teacher was really letting me have it in front of the entire class.…
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Sept. 11, 2001: A Reflection on Freedom
It’s the jumpers plummeting to their deaths that I’ll always think of first. A half hour earlier, everyone in those…
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