November 2013

How to Feel Grateful, Vol. 2
I’m on a never-ending pursuit of happiness. You are, too. You might not realize that’s what you’re doing. But you…
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Nothing is Sound
We were standing in the kitchen, drinking, but not yet buzzed. There was a small party at our house, but…
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How to Feel Proud of Your Child
I’m hard on my son sometimes. To the point where I make him angry. Because I want him to be…
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From Now On Our Troubles Will Be Miles Away
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Minus one. The Christmas tree is up. No lights or ornaments…
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The Saturday Post
No one reads anything I write on Saturday. Statistically, about half as much as every other day of the week.…
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How to Live a Regret-Free Life
You’re going to die. Just like me. It might be in 80 years. It might be in 10. It might…
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Watch For Falling Prices, Vol. 2
A few days ago, I found a brown package tucked behind a planter on my front porch. I smiled. Could…
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Mr. Balls Proves Anything is Possible
If anyone ever tells you that you can’t do or be anything you want, you now have irrefutable proof they…
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The Tooth Fairy: An Economic Analysis
My five-year-old son has loose teeth. Three of them. One may come out as soon as today. He’s pretty excited…
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The First Date, Vol. 2
My shirt was untucked so she wouldn’t see the pleats. I was running late from work and hadn’t had time…
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