July 2016

My Story is Your Story—Even When it’s Not
Imagine this: A magical alternative universe where total strangers randomly being in your house isn’t as scary or bizarre as…
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How to Have a Good-Enough Relationship
“What *is* enough?” she asked. Fair question, I thought, since I’d just written a list of things that WERE NOT…
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Are You Paying Attention?
I think about how we treat the people and things that matter most. The way we “Maybe later, kiddo” our…
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Diagnosing Relationship Failure is Not for the Self-Assured
The white hair and calloused hands with a couple of missing fingertips darkened by sun, dirt and every type of…
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It’s Not About Us
I’ve asked myself the question a bunch of times: How does some random guy in Ohio writing first-person stories about…
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Matt Fray

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