January 2015

“What should I write in my letter to my husband to make him stay?”
“What should I write in my letter to my husband to make him stay?” she typed into the search box.…
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Maybe It’s Not a Popularity Contest
I want everyone to like me and when they don’t I sometimes obsess about it. I think I have it…
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Marriage: A Global Epic Fail
If seven out of 10 children flunked out of school or demonstrated a complete inability to adapt to the classroom…
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One Month to Live
Someone important died and I never got to meet him. He was married with three kids and has a fourth…
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How to Own Your Shit and Never Be a Victim Again
Eilene asks: “Have you ever thought (even if briefly or secretly) that your divorce was more her fault than yours?…
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Ask Me Things, Please
In an effort to evolve this blog and maybe have a little fun or some great conversation, I launched a…
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Somebody’s Got to Feel This*
I was watching Benji with a group of family members in my grandparents’ living room the first time it happened.…
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Don’t Invite Me to Your Divorce Party
Because a bunch of people have been encouraging me to write for Huff Post Divorce, I’ve been spending more time…
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The Secret to Life and Marriage
No. Not again. It’s a dull, pulsing pain that starts in my stomach and runs to the bottom of the…
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The Thing About Stepparents
My parents divorced when I was 4, and twice a year all the way through high school, my parents met…
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