July 2014

Hope Changes Everything
In the aftermath of my wife leaving, sometimes I would sob like a small child. I spent so many years…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 8
Boys and girls grow up pretending to not like each other while playing together on schoolyard playgrounds. The Boys vs.…
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Misunderstood: The Rule of Thirds
My younger sister, a talented musician and vocalist, is afraid to write and share original music because she’s afraid of…
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The Missing Motivation
People think I’m a good person, but really I’m not. I don’t mean that I’m bad, like I hurt people…
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Who Am I?
I glanced at the calendar. The year is more than halfway over. That was fast. Maybe my life is, too.…
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The Gray Area
I prefer things to be black and white. Good or bad. Right or wrong. When there are choices to be…
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