Some People Are Women, Others Are Men, and it’s Getting Hard to Talk About
My most popular articles tell true stories about my failed marriage and also tend to include a bunch of my…
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You Don’t Have to Get Married, So Maybe You Shouldn’t
Frank: “Hey, I just want to thank you one last time for being here. It’s the best day ever.” Beanie:…
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How to Seduce Your Wife (Because Your Old Single-Guy Tactics Won’t Work)
Google processes more than 60,000 internet searches every second, or nearly 6 billion per day, and the Nos. 1 and…
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The Strangers We Live With: Maybe Birth Control, Food & Aging Dooms Our Relationships
Even the most-honest people lie sometimes. When we love or even just like someone, the last thing we want to…
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Can Male Attractiveness and Good Husbandry Coexist?
When I was a kid, I liked big two-story houses with full basements better than other home designs. Three stories…
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What Men Should Learn From Straight Women Choosing Other Women
I think women, with increasing frequency, are choosing romantic relationships with other women over men because of how poorly men…
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The Times When Wives Owe Husbands Sex
I haven’t read the statutes or consulted an attorney, but it’s conceivable to me that a wife could owe her…
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Guest Post: The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About
Editor’s Note: I’m not going to hold men’s feet to the fire for finding women attractive, and acting like it.…
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Decent Men in Indecent Times: Rape, Sex & Locker Room Talk
Not long before my high school graduation, one of my friends said another one of my friends raped her. No…
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No, the Affair Didn’t Cause the Divorce
Sometimes, a married person has an affair, and everyone screams: “Oh my God, Roger and Beth got divorced because he/she…
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