September 2016

No, the Affair Didn’t Cause the Divorce
Sometimes, a married person has an affair, and everyone screams: “Oh my God, Roger and Beth got divorced because he/she…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 2
First we took Husbands, and split them into two groups — Good Men and Bad Men. And this isn’t about…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 1
Tax·on·o·my – /takˈsänəmē/ – The classification of something. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Husbands All husbands fall into one of two…
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The Illusion of Incorrectness: The One Time Seeing the Other Woman Can Save Your Marriage
Megan wrote: “I posted your ‘She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink’ article on FB and my…
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The Magic of Boundaries: Date Well, Marry the Right Person, and Love Hard Forever
Yep. We’re talking about boundaries again. They’re THAT important. Because I’m a hack writer (or possibly just because every single…
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Maybe You’re Giving Too Many F*cks: A Q&A With Author Mark Manson
There are bad words in this post. More than usual. I used to publish many bad words here, but have…
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Having the Same Goals Won’t Save Your Relationship
An unexpected phone call changed everything. I was in the middle of failing to learn how to speak Spanish effectively…
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The Truth is What We Save From the Fire
I’m afraid of someone using a circular handsaw to cut open my skull. But I’m more afraid of dying, so…
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How Colorblindness Can Destroy Your Marriage
What’s more damaging to relationships: Inventing problems that don’t actually exist, or denying the existence of those that do? I…
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