March 2014

The Separation Anniversary
She took off her wedding ring one year ago today. That’s when I learned she did, anyway. It was Easter…
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The Perfect Amount of Death
Austin Kleon starts every day by reading obituaries. Not to be morbid. Not to obsess about death. Not to channel…
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The Man in the Mirror
I see him every morning when I step out of the shower. We stare at one another again while I’m…
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How Writing Brought Me Back to Life
I died a little the moment my wife told me over dinner she wasn’t sure she loved me anymore. The…
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The One Where Everything’s Different
At 4:37 a.m. Central Time, I turned 35. I’m completely unfazed. I’m less interested and less affected by the occasion…
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The Phantom Traffic Jams
You’re cruising down the highway, getting where you want to be. Out of nowhere, you’re hitting your brakes. Then, you’re…
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Faster Than Sound
Bullets could do it. Cannon balls could do it. But no one knew whether a human being could do it.…
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The Dream Weaver
As the clock ticked down on my marriage, I was a total wreck of a human being. I faked it…
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How to Get Lucky
“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur, Dec. 7, 1854 The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about…
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Play ‘Til the Ninth Inning
Two horrible things happened to me after turning 30. I lost my job. And I lost my family. In both…
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