August 2015

Stop Telling Me to Get a Dog
I don’t want a dog. It’s National Dog Day, so it’s probably not the most popular thing to think or…
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Should I Be Afraid to Publish My Name?, Vol. 2
I had never considered using a pen name. Not really. I don’t know why. Maybe vanity. Maybe I wanted my…
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The Best Relationship Advice I Know: Give More Than You Take
There are three common reactions to my ‘An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands’ series, and I hate two of them.…
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Should I Be Afraid to Publish My Name?
Most of you have no idea who I am (and don’t care). Some of you know my name is Matt.…
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Why Marriage Counseling is a Bad Idea, Vol. 2
I’ve been to marriage counseling twice. By that I mean, in two separate instances during my marriage, I agreed to…
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Why Marriage Counseling is a Bad Idea, Vol. 1
A wife asked her husband to read my ‘Shitty Husbands’ posts, which happens more than I’d like. (Because passive-aggressively telling…
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The Book Project, Vol. 2
You probably think I’m procrastinating. (And you’re technically correct.) But in the context of my life, things are right on…
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A Post About Nothing and Everything
I’ve been sitting here staring at the screen. Another one of those I-don’t-know-what-to-write moments. “What happens if you just took…
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Our Fake Lives
I don’t know how much of my life is real. Less than half, maybe. Sometimes you just have to stop…
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