May 2016

A Quick Note About Stuff and Things 5-31-2016
Hey guys. I had an unusually busy and not-super-fun weekend at a car dealership. I’ve decided that buying cars is…
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Do We Need Marriage?
Julia asked: “I’m one year post-divorce and still grappling with the idea of ever marrying again. I used to feel…
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The Life Blueprint
“All models are wrong. Some are useful.” – Faris Yakob … The Life Blueprint® is a lottery system which varies…
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‘This is why you shouldn’t get married’
Grumpy old divorced or unhappily married men say it a lot. They’re the guys complaining about their wives during the…
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New Things and Places Make You Grow and I’m Almost 1% of the Way There
Even though I lived in three different states growing up, I didn’t understand that people in other places were different…
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The Other Law of Attraction: Self-Worth and Gender Identity in a Mixed-Up World
What do women want? I think many guys started kicking the question around long before possessing the intellectual capacity to…
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Our Marriage is a Steam Train
Our marriage is a steam train. Like the old locomotives responsible for most long-distance travel and supply shipments from the…
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It Doesn’t Jive Because We’d Just Assume Do Things the Wrong Way
Donkey wrote: “Matt has a post about leaving his crying wife in the hospital after giving birth/having a C-section. Lisa…
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How to Feel Successful, Increase Self-Esteem and Eliminate Envy
I know a guy who almost never loses a game of pool. He’s one of my dad’s closest friends. He’s…
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I Won’t Be Your Ally Because You’re Probably Doing it Wrong Like Me
I got lazy. Lulled into complacency. No matter how many times I’ve experienced negative consequences due to my word choices…
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