January 2017

Is He the One?: How to Know Whether You Should Marry Him
I used to leave a drinking glass by the kitchen sink instead of putting it in the dishwasher, and then…
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How to Determine Your Worth as a Person
Let’s pretend I possess the world’s largest diamond collection. Because diamonds have high market value, I would be “worth” a…
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When Your Spouse Dies and You Miss Their Dirty Socks on the Floor
After her husband died unexpectedly, the dirty socks and pants she used to find thrown on the bedroom floor became…
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She Divorced Me Because I Was Nicer to Strangers Than I Was to Her
I was usually nicer to strangers than I was to my wife. People I didn’t know and would never see…
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5 Sales and Writing Secrets That Could Save Your Marriage (and Make Your Relationships Thrive)
Couples struggle in relationships because they don’t know how to talk to each other. There are other reasons. But that’s…
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