December 2014

The Bad Rules 
I handed the barista a $20 bill because I wanted to break it and leave her a tip. “Thank you…
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Must Be This Old To Ride
I wasn’t particularly confident or unconfident when I was a kid. But something changed mid-high school, and whatever social fears…
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Everything’s Going to be Okay
“I’m struggling today,” she said. Her kids are 500 miles away. The mandatory waiting period for her state to finalize…
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Cancelling ‘The Interview’: Terrorism, Tough Choices and Madmen
A man holds a gun to your child’s head in one hand. He holds a gun to your spouse’s head…
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Everything Will Change
I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV or Beverly Hills, 90210 or go to boy-girl parties like the rest of my…
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The Flammable Heart
I used to be homophobic, an unabashed litterer, and so pro-life that I would argue passionately against the idea that…
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The Human Mosaic
“I love pizza.” “I love pizza, too! It’s my favorite!” “What’s your favorite kind?” “Deep dish with white sauce and…
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Rethinking the Problem
Because I’m keeping myself really busy with life problems, the holidays and self-imposed chores related to a business start-up, I’m…
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The Faux Apocalypse
The world ended 616 days ago when my wife moved out and my little son became someone I only got…
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The World Needs Clock Punchers
I bet I’ll panic when I’m dying. I get nervous about things. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be nervous about…
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