What to Do When Your Wife Doesn’t Respect You
Oh no. You feel disrespected by your wife. This is definitely bad for your marriage and a poor example for…
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Why Nonsense and Choosing the Wrong Thing Can’t be Ignored
“Feelings don’t matter.” I don’t think anyone currently or formerly close to me would accuse me of heartlessness, but I’ve…
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How Marital Affairs Happen: The Beautiful Stranger I Wanted to Sleep With While I Was Married
Because I am sometimes a walking cliché who struggles with controlling negative emotion, I found myself sitting at a bar…
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The 4th Wedding Anniversary (That Wasn’t)
Yesterday would have been lucky-number 13. My wife and I celebrating 13 years of marital bliss. Only we didn’t. Because…
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Guys: Emotions Matter, Are Normal, and You’re Not a Weak Pussy for Having Them
Author’s Note: I think the #1 problem in the world is how poorly humans manage their relationships. Even if you…
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Can We Use Personality Matching and Astrology to Have the Perfect Partner and Marriage? Kind Of!
Someone asked me what I thought about using astrology as a compass for romantic compatibility. Fair question, I think. No…
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It’s Okay to Miss Things Without Wanting Them Back
Because I’ve been incredibly blessed, my parents’ divorce when I was 4 was the worst thing to happen to me…
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Do We Need Marriage?
Julia asked: “I’m one year post-divorce and still grappling with the idea of ever marrying again. I used to feel…
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How to Feel Successful, Increase Self-Esteem and Eliminate Envy
I know a guy who almost never loses a game of pool. He’s one of my dad’s closest friends. He’s…
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How to Brew Magic Sex Potion
Author’s Note #1 – This is intended for men focused on long-term monogamous relationships. It’s NOT for “pick-up artists,” who…
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