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A very funny person named Mandi Castle, author of the recently released “Dear Stephanie,” and self-proclaimed “worst sisterwife,” invited me to participate in her monthly feature at the SisterWives blog called The Man(di) Cave where she gets guys to open up on subjects they might not want to talk about.

I accepted her invitation and was flattered for receiving it.

She asked me and a couple of other guys to answer questions about sex. I managed to do so without wanting to set myself on fire afterward. Small wins.

Please check it out and say hi over there. You can see the feature here:

30 thoughts on “Check Out This Other Thing”

        1. Perhaps I am too. Is it weird that now I’m all paranoid that I wrote that? That one day I’m going to be crying to a therapist and say, “it’s all my fault. This one time I said I was raising a serial killer…and now…”

  1. Jesus , Mary and Joseph !… Matt
    what a treat to wake up to this post. Love your never ending truth telling and you deliver it with such humor! I adore your transparency…. and I say that with love! Keep it going.

    P.s. sorry about your Cavs….. what a series!
    A little more Golden here in Dub nation.

    1. Thank you very much, Lisa. I don’t know any other way to write. I’m glad you think it’s funny sometimes.

      My sincere congratulations on your championship. It was well-deserved. I’m sad we didn’t get to play for the title at full strength but am cautiously optimistic we’ll get the opportunity next summer.

      Thank you for the smile this morning.

  2. i will write only nine words “every day in a life is a big lesson !”
    well, it is still too long but explain the curiosity that catch an old woman like me.
    anyway, you make me laugh, thank u

    1. They say laughing is the music of the soul. And I’m a wretched musician. So if I made someone laugh once or twice, I did something valuable.

      Thank you very much for saying so.

      1. ” laughing is the music of the soul” -absolutely. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but every time I opened it surprised me. keep walking!

    1. I’m not sorry about the Lebron James. I mean the Cavs. But I agree with everything else. You were fantastic! *Exhales virtual cigarette smoke*

          1. I would never expose you on those grounds. You have a reputation to uphold! But I WILL be offended should you relay interesting details to Oprah. Oh, the humanity!

  3. I loved your replies to the questions here, and was really struck by how straightforward and genuinely responsive you were compared to the other writers. Not that they didn’t seem truthful, but they kept things at a level of abstraction that made their answers less than informative. I think your ability to be in touch–in LOVING touch– with your inner adolescent gives you an unusual capacity for honesty.

    ps. how is that drinking a gallon of water a day thing going? I think about you every day as I try to get through a liter.

    1. You said very nice things. I filter more today than I did when I first started writing here and I have mixed emotions about that.

      So it means a lot to me that you still feel like my writing is honest. It’s never dishonest. But for many reasons, I have to restrain myself or not say all there is to say. It’s unfortunate.

      As for the water thing: I had to stop. I was A. NEVER able to get in a good writing/work flow because I had to go to the bathroom 49 times a day. And B. I was FREEZING. My body temperature was ridiculous and I hated it.

      What I did was start running and lifting regularly. As is the case for most people, when you move more and consume less, good things happen. I’m not ready to oil up on a magazine cover, or anything, but I do look and feel infinitely better than I did a few months ago.

      Which is great.

      In related news, I now take a relatively small dose of ADHD meds. And a side effect is I don’t really get hungry or thirsty anymore. (My body still needs food and water, obviously, but I don’t feel it. I just have to remember and force a small amount of healthy food down.) I’m getting used to it.

      The running, lifting, drastic calorie reduction (which is an artificial crutch but I was already eating less anyway) is, you know, the trifecta of body transformation.

      I’m looking forward to seeing where I am in a couple more months.

      In the meantime, I really need to focus on drinking more water. You’d think with my newfound focus, I’d remember to do so. 🙂

      In conclusion. Getting the results I wanted. But not in the way I set out to.

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