July 2013

The Number 333
I see the number sequence 333 a lot. Like, a lot. And I don’t know what it means. Maybe nothing.…
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The Fear of Losing What We Love
Three people who matter to me expressed fear about one of their human relationships in separate conversations this past week.…
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How to Lose Sleep in 6 Easy Steps
Ever feel like you’re getting too much sleep? Do you wish you could yawn more, feel lethargic and get that…
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Buyer’s Remorse
And just like that <insert dramatic hand motion here>, she was gone. I don’t have the Girlfriend Litmus Test anymore.…
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Change Your Culture, Change Your World
I have a bit of a man crush on Seth Godin. Because he, in many ways, represents who I want…
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The Bruno Mars Wedding
A girl I haven’t seen in 12 years has invited me to a wedding where Bruno Mars will be singing.…
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Fishing with Mandy, Vol. 2
I don’t want to walk this world alone. Like Caine in Kung Fu. Most likely, I will one day be…
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Parenting Class
I was a half hour early. The police officer manning the security checkpoint at the courthouse had to unlock the…
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I May Have Serious Issues
I have a small cut on my right cheek due to a shaving accident yesterday morning that I may let…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 2
There’s a huge difference between being “whipped” and being a man who puts his wife first. Being whipped is cowardly.…
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