My New Book Gets Published Today and I Really Hope You’ll Buy a Copy
You know, I never imagined writing non-fiction. Certainly not about divorce and relationships, and certainly not about me, personally. But…
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A Quick Note About Stuff and Things 5-31-2016
Hey guys. I had an unusually busy and not-super-fun weekend at a car dealership. I’ve decided that buying cars is…
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The Accidental Vagina
I was falling asleep because it was late and I wake up early. “Talk soon,” I texted before plugging my…
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Ask Me Things, Please
In an effort to evolve this blog and maybe have a little fun or some great conversation, I launched a…
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Check Yourself Before You Autocorrect Yourself
“Hey! What’s the name of that HBO show you keep telling me to watch?” “A song of boners.” “A song…
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The Resourceful Rabbit
… … … … ……
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The Jesuit Standoff
Pooping embarrasses me more than almost anything. You might say I suffer from a super-minor form of parcopresis. It’s not…
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Hangovers and $4 Lobster
Because I had more fun than I usually do last night, I don’t feel amazing today. While I was being…
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The Problems That Remain
When I have a bunch of chores, I tend to save the hardest stuff for last. I think there’s probably…
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The Three Wishes
Everyone has considered it. Finding that genie lamp. Three wishes. “Only” three. Because we’re greedy and we want more. We…
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