April 2014

How I Could Just Kill a Man
I could kill a person trying to harm my son. I could kill a person trying to harm others I…
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How James Altucher Saved My Life
James Altucher lied to get on television because he was afraid to fly on airplanes following the Sept. 11, 2001…
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If You Could Only Choose One: Love or Marriage?
I’m pretty good at beating myself up. If they awarded fighting championship belts for kicking one’s own ass, I’d be…
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The Inconvenient Truth About Divorce One Year Later
It makes you feel weak. It makes you feel like a chump. In manspeak, it makes you feel like a…
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The Great Mosaic
Up close, it’s little more than chaos. When we’re in the thick of all the noise, buzzing around doing all…
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The Resourceful Rabbit
… … … … ……
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Admit It: You’re Just Making This Up As You Go
I was just a young hormonal Catholic school boy sitting in church on Sundays begging God to forgive me every…
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The Book Project
I’m attempting to write my first book. I’ve been treating the project somewhat like I do my blog posts. I…
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How to Stop Procrastinating Later
A husband I know got into hot water with his wife after letting the family’s insurance coverage lapse several months…
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The Quicksand
The more I fight it, the faster I sink. My heart beats faster—but not in an excited, happy way. More…
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