February 2016

If I Die Before I Wake
I think about dying sometimes. I think about dying because sometimes people die. I can’t decide how afraid of it…
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My First Radio Interview
Back at my first newsroom job, my paper had a partnership with a regional television news network. Whenever big stories…
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The Things Men Love More Than Wives and Children
Many guys are afraid of committing to relationships. Maybe it’s because we know there will be work and sacrifice involved…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 13
Sooooo. I’ve totally masturbated before. Maybe once. Or maybe 87 million times. Truthfully, I don’t want to talk about it…
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How to Be a Man, Vol. 3
“This will work out,” Monty Williams said at his wife’s funeral the other day. Out of context, you might find…
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The Scary Truth About Marriage and Divorce
It wasn’t hard to spot the guys barreling toward divorce. The message was camouflaged in symbolism, so it makes sense…
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How to Avoid Spit in Your Food and Get Your Spouse to Work on Your Marriage
I lose control sometimes. I don’t know whether I’m in the minority, or whether most other people lose it, too.…
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The Third Post-Divorce Valentine’s Day
My phone buzzed. The text read: “I’m telling you now, so we don’t have to have a guilt-ridden conversation later.…
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Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?
If we are referring to orgasms: Absolutely. I mean, you want her to like it and want to do it…
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She Feels Like Your Mom and Doesn’t Want to Bang You
Your mom probably doesn’t want to have sex with you. I work hard at not judging. Glass houses and whatnot.…
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