December 2015

A Crooked Soul Trying to Stay Up Straight
I’d like to tell you I’m a man of deep, unshakable faith. I’d like to tell you I know the…
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The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done
Between acting like my wife should hurry up and get over the unexpected death of her father because it was…
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8 Christmas Gift Ideas That Can Save Your Marriage
If you’re a married man, celebrate Christmas and don’t already know what gift you’re giving your wife, I’m inclined to…
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Your Wife Thinks You’re a Bad Husband Because You Are One
We have a problem, guys. I don’t know why we have the problem, but if you want to have a…
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Because Your Marriage Won’t Survive Without It
I don’t have enough clout to recommend things and have people actually do what I suggest. I love my second-grade…
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Testing the Medium Waters
Some of my favorite writers choose Medium as their writing platform of choice, and I’ve long admired its graceful simplicity…
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How to Find the Classic WordPress Editor
(Author’s Note: Feel free to skip to the bottom of this post for help finding the old “Add New Post”…
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Is ‘Happy Marriage’ a Myth?
Deanna asked: “I’m sleeping alone after 5 years of marriage for the second time to the same man. Yes, the…
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Surprise! I Don’t Completely Suck
“The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. Right? Yeah!” — The Offspring … Some people think I…
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Hypocrisy, Dating & God Hating Me
So, I met a girl. She seems to like me. It’s weird, because that never happens. (Yes, that’s hyperbole.) But…
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