October 2015

Why Online Dating Might Not Be For You
Maybe I was just doing it wrong. Totally possible. I’m good at several things, but there’s no reason to believe…
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‘I’ve Ruined My Marriage and My Wife Hates Me’
She liked to shower at night. The downstairs bathroom, just down the hall from the guest room I was sleeping…
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Try Something Else
I was 15 minutes early for the church thing. My ex-wife lives close so I expected her and our son…
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You’re Gonna See Some Serious Shit
“When this sucker hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.” – Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, Back to…
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What If We Got to Reinvent School?
If a gunman enters my son’s school intent on murdering children and teachers, at least I’ll know the kids and…
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Maybe Pain and Misery is the Only Way
I was drinking a lot of vodka to numb the pain. Not scary amounts. Nothing dangerous. But I was using…
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In the Trailer Park with Elise and a Deaf Man
I lived in an Iowa trailer park. Mom always called it a “mobile home,” and fondly remembers it as being…
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My Gaydar is Broken
I thought Dave wanted to be my friend. Fine by me. I’m friendly and stuff, and pretty much everyone I…
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