August 2014

It Gets Better
I read my text message and laughed out loud because my ex-wife wrote something funny. One of my friends at…
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Ageism, Dating and More Ageism, Vol. 2
I’ve never been particularly controversial. I’m that way on purpose. I like to get along with everyone. But I brushed…
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Ageism, Dating and More Ageism
I’m an ageist. There, I said it. I didn’t know I was an ageist until last week because, outside of…
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What’s Possible Today?
Marital status aside—my life looks a lot like I thought it would when I was growing up. I live in…
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How To Be Found
Most of us grow up playing Hide and Seek with friends. Something interesting happens during the game. The counting begins:…
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The 10-Year Anniversary That Isn’t
I was really nervous because the moment felt so big. Not because I was afraid to marry her. But because…
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The Pursuit of Happiness, Vol. 3
“Happiness comes in small doses, folks. It’s a cigarette or a chocolate chip cookie or a five-second orgasm. That’s it,…
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Breaking the Cycle
Sometimes I am so comfortable in my routine that I get physical anxiety when I’m about to do anything out…
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