July 2018

It’s Time: I’m Launching a Podcast Soon
“How are you doin’?” “I’m great, I got that ‘excited/scared’ feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it’s more.…
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The 3 Tiers of Lying and How Well-Intentioned Lies Can Still Destroy Relationships
How many times have you lied to people you genuinely love and respect in the past few days? If someone…
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7 Steps to Rebuilding Trust in Your Relationship After Betrayal and Lies
Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post written by my friend Jay Pyatt, who mentors men struggling with various…
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If Marriage Were an Airplane, Which Matters More—the Engine or the Wings?
I’m not an aviation expert or aeronautical engineer, but I’m pretty sure airplanes need their engines AND wings both to…
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An Open Letter to Young People Planning to Marry Someday, Vol. 4
Imagine a pie chart. But not the kind with only a few slices like you might see in classroom presentations…
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An Open Letter to Young People Planning to Marry Someday, Vol. 3
Author’s Note: Before we begin, you should probably grab a spoonful of sugar. Because this isn’t going to taste very…
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