We Should Stop Blaming Marriage for Our Problems
“I’m never getting married! Everybody who does just ends up miserable!” Sometimes you’ll hear people call marriage a contrived social…
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The Two Paths to Solving Divorce: Which Will We Choose?
There are two ways to solve society’s divorce crisis. One is pretty easy, which is great! We like easy things…
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Is ‘Happy Marriage’ a Myth?
Deanna asked: “I’m sleeping alone after 5 years of marriage for the second time to the same man. Yes, the…
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Play ‘Til the Ninth Inning
Two horrible things happened to me after turning 30. I lost my job. And I lost my family. In both…
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The Lost Followers
I lost readers—at least three—after disclosing that this place has been compromised. My place. To write. To opine. To emote.…
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