August 2016

The Ism Theory: Maybe There’s Less Hate Than We Think
… ism — a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement. … I had…
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The War Inside: If You’re Not Uncomfortable, You’re Probably Doing it Wrong
I’m a little outraged by all the outrage. One group of people is outraged because an NFL quarterback chose to…
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There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here
I’ve been forging my shiny new iron fist and intend to wield it mercilessly on properly informed violators. The purpose…
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Please Help Me Build Something
NOTE: I try hard to not ask you for things. That’s not how I want this relationship to work. But…
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BREAKING: Someone Called Me ‘Jesus-Like,’ My Mother’s Head Explodes
“I’ve got nothing against God. It’s his fan club I can’t stand.”  — Unknown athiest … I was having a…
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Why People Divorce and Miss the Misery
During the 18 months I was sleeping in the guest room, I felt like a lonely stranger uncomfortable in his…
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How to be Less of an Asshole in Life and Relationships
Sometimes I’d walk into the living room to find my wife watching 16 and Pregnant or some other TV show…
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Why Divorce Hurts Men More Than Women
First things first: DOES divorce actually hurt men more than women? I think there’s plenty of researched and anecdotal evidence…
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Why I Support My Friend Who Won’t Change for His Girlfriend
So, I’ve got a friend who appears unwilling to change certain behaviors or sacrifice some of his life preferences for…
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Hey, Can We Talk About a Few Things?
The irony has never been lost on me. Some divorced guy who shortchanged his marriage offering something that looks and…
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