April 2016

How I Avoided Bitterness After Divorce
Lilly asked: My main question is how did you keep yourself from becoming bitter toward life and women? Not all men…
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How to Brew Magic Sex Potion
Author’s Note #1 – This is intended for men focused on long-term monogamous relationships. It’s NOT for “pick-up artists,” who…
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A Misdiagnosis Can Kill You
An infectious disease specialist who was suffering severe throat pain visited a doctor to figure out why. Acid reflux, his…
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Is Your Spouse Hurting You On Purpose?
Pain sucks. Some people enjoy the muscle burn after a hard workout because it feels like progress. Others like the…
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Do Bad Husbands Ever Really Change?
Blackolives wrote: “Found your Huffpo ‘dishes’ post earlier today. Still laughing at how an appalling number of people didn’t get…
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You Don’t Understand Me for the Same Reason Couples Divorce
I wrote a post exactly three months ago today which was so popular and relatable to the average married couple…
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Empathizing with Hitler: How Being Aware of This One Thing Can Save the World
Settle down, kids. I don’t mean it like THAT. I think I know why our relationships fail more than half…
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That Probably Doesn’t Matter
“What probably doesn’t matter?” Most things. Most things don’t matter. Whatever has you stressed. Whatever you’re doing instead of playing…
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Maybe This is How My Wife Felt
I want to quit my job even though I like many things about it. It’s not just because I find…
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The 4 Ways Women Can Help Save Marriages
Someone asked: “I dont have a failed marriage, but I do have a failed engagement. We were together for 6…
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