Help Me Find a Partner
My wife would get frustrated with me because sometimes I don’t finish things. It’s a pattern that reemerges in my…
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The Bad Rules 
I handed the barista a $20 bill because I wanted to break it and leave her a tip. “Thank you…
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The World Needs Clock Punchers
I bet I’ll panic when I’m dying. I get nervous about things. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be nervous about…
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Bring the Target Closer
When life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins was 24, he wanted to train U.S. soldiers to shoot better, despite…
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We Only Need 5% To Say Yes
I work in a cubicle and I’m 35 and my life is always going to feel a little crappy and…
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The Level Playing Field
I will never be able to run faster than Usain Bolt or swim faster than Michael Phelps. I will never…
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What’s Possible Today?
Marital status aside—my life looks a lot like I thought it would when I was growing up. I live in…
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Misunderstood: The Rule of Thirds
My younger sister, a talented musician and vocalist, is afraid to write and share original music because she’s afraid of…
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The Quicksand
The more I fight it, the faster I sink. My heart beats faster—but not in an excited, happy way. More…
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How to Crowdsource Book-Writing Ideas
I’m going to die. I could be well over halfway to the end as I sit here and type. And…
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