The One Where I Defend My Ideas Against Charges of Sexism and a Lack of Credibility
Mary said: It’s still an extremely negative piece that includes such statements as decent men ‘trying their God’s honest best…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 2
First we took Husbands, and split them into two groups — Good Men and Bad Men. And this isn’t about…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 1
Tax·on·o·my – /takˈsänəmē/ – The classification of something. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Husbands All husbands fall into one of two…
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Poor Meal Planning Can End Your Marriage
“My DH (Darling Husband) makes me want to kill him over dinner. Kill him. I don’t know why 30 minutes…
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Our Marriage is a Steam Train
Our marriage is a steam train. Like the old locomotives responsible for most long-distance travel and supply shipments from the…
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Who is Worthy of Your Love?
monthemoon asked (read the full comment here): “Hi Matt! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, just…
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Is Your Spouse Hurting You On Purpose?
Pain sucks. Some people enjoy the muscle burn after a hard workout because it feels like progress. Others like the…
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The Things Men Love More Than Wives and Children
Many guys are afraid of committing to relationships. Maybe it’s because we know there will be work and sacrifice involved…
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Cracking the Code: 7 Ideas That Would Have Saved My Marriage
Sobbing wives write me all the time, desperate for answers. “I just read your posts and cried all the way…
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‘I’ve Ruined My Marriage and My Wife Hates Me’
She liked to shower at night. The downstairs bathroom, just down the hall from the guest room I was sleeping…
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