When You’re Too Comfortable to Know You Shouldn’t Be
Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll die one day from a heart attack or cancer because of things I consume or…
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Don’t Overthink It: To Live Better and Feel Happy, Have More Fun
Do you ever find yourself in situations where you’re supposed to be having fun and feeling good, but you’re not…
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5 Sales and Writing Secrets That Could Save Your Marriage (and Make Your Relationships Thrive)
Couples struggle in relationships because they don’t know how to talk to each other. There are other reasons. But that’s…
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We Should Stop Blaming Marriage for Our Problems
“I’m never getting married! Everybody who does just ends up miserable!” Sometimes you’ll hear people call marriage a contrived social…
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Do You Want to Dance? Or Do You Want to Dance?
I’m probably a sucky dancer. Like, to people who evaluate dance quality. When I was a little kid there were…
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The Worst Thing Wives Do
During our first year of marriage, my wife was so unhappy living in Florida that she wanted to move back…
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The Life Blueprint
“All models are wrong. Some are useful.” – Faris Yakob … The Life Blueprint® is a lottery system which varies…
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New Things and Places Make You Grow and I’m Almost 1% of the Way There
Even though I lived in three different states growing up, I didn’t understand that people in other places were different…
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Maybe This is How My Wife Felt
I want to quit my job even though I like many things about it. It’s not just because I find…
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The Things Men Love More Than Wives and Children
Many guys are afraid of committing to relationships. Maybe it’s because we know there will be work and sacrifice involved…
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