Why I Think Most Married People Get Bored and Stop Wanting Each Other
Author’s Note: I’m not a doctor. I’m not much of an expert on anything. But I’m curious, and I think…
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What to do When Your Spouse Isn’t Your Soulmate
The person you’re married to—or will marry one day—isn’t your soulmate. [Insert very dramatic orchestra music here.] It sucks, I…
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The Strangers We Live With: Maybe Birth Control, Food & Aging Dooms Our Relationships
Even the most-honest people lie sometimes. When we love or even just like someone, the last thing we want to…
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Can Male Attractiveness and Good Husbandry Coexist?
When I was a kid, I liked big two-story houses with full basements better than other home designs. Three stories…
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The Other Law of Attraction: Self-Worth and Gender Identity in a Mixed-Up World
What do women want? I think many guys started kicking the question around long before possessing the intellectual capacity to…
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How to Be More Attractive
When you get divorced, you’re forced to say a lot of goodbyes. One day, I had a brother- and sister-in-law.…
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Wanting What You Can’t Have
Maybe we’re all doomed. More than half of our marriages fail already. Some of the ones still intact are brimming…
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