New Things and Places Make You Grow and I’m Almost 1% of the Way There
Even though I lived in three different states growing up, I didn’t understand that people in other places were different…
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In the Trailer Park with Elise and a Deaf Man
I lived in an Iowa trailer park. Mom always called it a “mobile home,” and fondly remembers it as being…
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Admit It: You’re Just Making This Up As You Go
I was just a young hormonal Catholic school boy sitting in church on Sundays begging God to forgive me every…
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Guest Post: The Pigs Were Important
NOTE: This is the second in a series of guest posts scheduled to run while I’m away from real life.…
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Things I Learned About Myself From My Baby Book
I once shit my pants four times during a wedding and everyone in the church heard each one. Four times.…
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