7 Relationship Questions People Are Secretly Asking (and Maybe a Few Answers)
Thousands of people find Must Be This Tall To Ride articles every day because of questions they asked the internet.…
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‘Should I Divorce My Wife?’
You two are fighting a lot, sleeping in separate places, not having sex, nor really even talking to each other…
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‘This is why you shouldn’t get married’
Grumpy old divorced or unhappily married men say it a lot. They’re the guys complaining about their wives during the…
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I Won’t Be Your Ally Because You’re Probably Doing it Wrong Like Me
I got lazy. Lulled into complacency. No matter how many times I’ve experienced negative consequences due to my word choices…
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The 4 Ways Women Can Help Save Marriages
Someone asked: “I dont have a failed marriage, but I do have a failed engagement. We were together for 6…
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Because Your Marriage Won’t Survive Without It
I don’t have enough clout to recommend things and have people actually do what I suggest. I love my second-grade…
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The Best Relationship Advice I Know: Give More Than You Take
There are three common reactions to my ‘An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands’ series, and I hate two of them.…
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The Magical Power of Writing for Two Years (and a Bit About Marriage)
The date came and went without me noticing. June 21 was the two-year anniversary of my first post here. You…
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Ask Me Things, Please
In an effort to evolve this blog and maybe have a little fun or some great conversation, I launched a…
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Somebody’s Got to Feel This*
I was watching Benji with a group of family members in my grandparents’ living room the first time it happened.…
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