How to Change Your Shitty Husband
“I fucking hated you,” she said. “I hated you because you’re the guy who made a damn name for himself…
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The Life Blueprint
“All models are wrong. Some are useful.” – Faris Yakob … The Life Blueprint® is a lottery system which varies…
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How to Find the Classic WordPress Editor
(Author’s Note: Feel free to skip to the bottom of this post for help finding the old “Add New Post”…
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Faith Like a Child
Because I was an only child, I often found myself meeting and playing with new kids. No one cared about…
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I Don’t Want to be a Divorce Blogger 
I don’t know what to write about. I don’t just mean right now, even though that’s also true. I mean…
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Faster Than Sound
Bullets could do it. Cannon balls could do it. But no one knew whether a human being could do it.…
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The Greatest Generation
After my parents came back to the house to tell me which one of them I was going to live…
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Adopt the Rhythm of Change
Don’t get too comfortable. I don’t mean that in an inner-peace kind of way. It’s hard to even get out…
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