Do You Want to Dance? Or Do You Want to Dance?
I’m probably a sucky dancer. Like, to people who evaluate dance quality. When I was a little kid there were…
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Are You Paying Attention?
I think about how we treat the people and things that matter most. The way we “Maybe later, kiddo” our…
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The Other Law of Attraction: Self-Worth and Gender Identity in a Mixed-Up World
What do women want? I think many guys started kicking the question around long before possessing the intellectual capacity to…
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The Eye of the Beholder
Little-known secret: I’m not particularly cultured or well-educated. Sorry to disappoint you. I mean, I have some refined tastes and…
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The Human Mosaic
“I love pizza.” “I love pizza, too! It’s my favorite!” “What’s your favorite kind?” “Deep dish with white sauce and…
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The Level Playing Field
I will never be able to run faster than Usain Bolt or swim faster than Michael Phelps. I will never…
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Misunderstood: The Rule of Thirds
My younger sister, a talented musician and vocalist, is afraid to write and share original music because she’s afraid of…
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The Catch-22
Chest heaving, tears running down my face, the words pour out of me. I couldn’t hold them in if I…
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Writer’s Block
I lose sleep over it. Writer’s block. Because this project matters to me. Other than my son and job, I…
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