She Feels Like Your Mom and Doesn’t Want to Bang You
Your mom probably doesn’t want to have sex with you. I work hard at not judging. Glass houses and whatnot.…
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‘Got any suggestions for this exhausted wife?’
Exhausted Wife wrote: “So I recently read your open letter to shitty husbands, and actually got my husband to read…
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They Don’t Love Your Kids, and They Shouldn’t Have To
The closest thing to a girlfriend I’ve had since getting divorced was someone I met in the first 10 months.…
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How to Kiss Atop Mount Kilimanjaro
I was certain Santa Claus was real. That’s why I argued with my friend Bill about it in second grade…
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Our Souvenirs
The little bedroom down the hall from ours was a nice yellow. We didn’t know whether we were having a…
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What If You Did It This Way?
Maybe he thought I was being a silly liberal hippy when I said all anyone really wants is to be…
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Your Kids Are Going to Get Divorced Unless We Fix This
I’ve written and published more than 400 posts here. Many of them are about divorce and marriage because divorce was…
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The Thing About Stepparents
My parents divorced when I was 4, and twice a year all the way through high school, my parents met…
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Everything’s Going to be Okay
“I’m struggling today,” she said. Her kids are 500 miles away. The mandatory waiting period for her state to finalize…
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The Faux Apocalypse
The world ended 616 days ago when my wife moved out and my little son became someone I only got…
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