A Thinking Lesson From Jerry Seinfeld
Throughout most of my relationship that ended in divorce, I would try to win every fight. Because winning is good,…
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Doing What We Don’t Want To
I sometimes want to punt my six-year-old when he says: “No. I’m not doing that.” I’m a curious person. Always…
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The Truth About Lying
I looked my mom in the eye and lied to her about watching a movie I wasn’t allowed to watch…
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Surprised by Election Day? Please Don’t Vote!
Facebook and Google and McDonald’s and a bunch of other large, influential organizations are encouraging Americans to get out and…
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You’re Not Supposed to Laugh at That
I was the only adult in the introductory Cub Scouts meeting without a child present. “Which one is your son?”…
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18 Months: A Post-Divorce Milestone
I panicked when I lost my family. You freak because those you love are gone. You freak because you feel…
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How To Be Found
Most of us grow up playing Hide and Seek with friends. Something interesting happens during the game. The counting begins:…
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One Year Later
A year ago, I was crying at least once a week. Drinking all the time, because distracted fun was the…
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The Godsmack
He gets this look on his face sometimes. My son who is nearly six. It looks almost like panic. I…
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The Single Dad Writer — A Tipsy Lit Guest Post
My son is gone half the time. But he’s really gone more than that. Because he attends school or daycare…
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