On a Personal Note
Hey. I felt like writing to you, instead of another new version of the things I almost always write. I’m…
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8 Christmas Gift Ideas That Can Save Your Marriage
If you’re a married man, celebrate Christmas and don’t already know what gift you’re giving your wife, I’m inclined to…
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Everything’s Going to be Okay
“I’m struggling today,” she said. Her kids are 500 miles away. The mandatory waiting period for her state to finalize…
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Want to Make Magic?
She’s a mom. A mom with four kids and a husband doing the best he can to provide for all…
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The Holidays One Year Later
When you’re co-dependent and have never truly been on your own and you haven’t had sex in more than a…
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The Yule Log
7:23 a.m. Ohhh. That last Christmas ale wasn’t the best idea. What’s that horrible taste in my mouth? Oh yeah.…
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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas and I was at home, totally alone, and writing a poem. The house is a…
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So This is Christmas
Christmas is less than two days away. The most-beloved holiday on the Christian calendar. It’s so popular, most of the…
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The Lottery Tickets
They peek from my wallet. Two small pieces of paper with random number sequences printed on them. They’re most likely…
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How to Feel Proud of Your Child
I’m hard on my son sometimes. To the point where I make him angry. Because I want him to be…
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