The Illusion of Incorrectness: The One Time Seeing the Other Woman Can Save Your Marriage
Megan wrote: “I posted your ‘She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink’ article on FB and my…
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How Colorblindness Can Destroy Your Marriage
What’s more damaging to relationships: Inventing problems that don’t actually exist, or denying the existence of those that do? I…
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The War Inside: If You’re Not Uncomfortable, You’re Probably Doing it Wrong
I’m a little outraged by all the outrage. One group of people is outraged because an NFL quarterback chose to…
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New Things and Places Make You Grow and I’m Almost 1% of the Way There
Even though I lived in three different states growing up, I didn’t understand that people in other places were different…
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Is Your Spouse Hurting You On Purpose?
Pain sucks. Some people enjoy the muscle burn after a hard workout because it feels like progress. Others like the…
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You Don’t Understand Me for the Same Reason Couples Divorce
I wrote a post exactly three months ago today which was so popular and relatable to the average married couple…
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Empathizing with Hitler: How Being Aware of This One Thing Can Save the World
Settle down, kids. I don’t mean it like THAT. I think I know why our relationships fail more than half…
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The Science of the Heart is Sometimes Lost on Me
I used to make my wife cry because I treated her like her feelings weren’t important. “Just because you feel…
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