How the New Math vs. Old Math Debate is a Lot Like Your Marriage
Those of you living outside of the United States might not know this, but in 2009 the federal government launched…
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An Open Letter to Young People Planning to Marry Someday, Vol. 4
Imagine a pie chart. But not the kind with only a few slices like you might see in classroom presentations…
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An Open Letter to Young People Planning to Marry Someday, Vol. 1
You’re in danger. You don’t know you’re in danger because it doesn’t feel scary right now. That’s both good and…
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We Should Stop Blaming Marriage for Our Problems
“I’m never getting married! Everybody who does just ends up miserable!” Sometimes you’ll hear people call marriage a contrived social…
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The Life Blueprint
“All models are wrong. Some are useful.” – Faris Yakob … The Life Blueprint® is a lottery system which varies…
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The World Burns While We Keep Up With the Kardashians
OMG, OMG, OMG, you guys. Did you hear about Leonardo DiCaprio? That he bangs a lot of chicks? Howard Stern…
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We Put Everything Ahead of Marriage and Then Wonder Why It Fails
Let’s play a game. Serious multiple-choice quiz: 1. What educational subject interests you most? A. History B. Math C. Science…
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Vows, Bullshit and Personal Responsibility
bonbon2 wrote: “I don’t think it’s a wife’s responsibility to make husband understand what he should know, he is not…
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What If We Got to Reinvent School?
If a gunman enters my son’s school intent on murdering children and teachers, at least I’ll know the kids and…
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11 Books That Will Make You Smarter, Sexier and Awesomer
I read a lot. I do it for three reasons: I believe it’s the most-efficient way to get smarter. I’m…
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