One Month to Live
Someone important died and I never got to meet him. He was married with three kids and has a fourth…
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Somebody’s Got to Feel This*
I was watching Benji with a group of family members in my grandparents’ living room the first time it happened.…
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Everything Will Change
I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV or Beverly Hills, 90210 or go to boy-girl parties like the rest of my…
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It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way
My uncle saw the yellow piece of paper stuck under the windshield and walked over to investigate. A police ticket…
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The Truth About Lying
I looked my mom in the eye and lied to her about watching a movie I wasn’t allowed to watch…
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How To Never Have Bad Days
I was offered a job when I was 28 that would have basically eliminated financial concerns for the rest of…
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The Seaworthy Vessel
Uh-oh. I could feel it rising in my chest. It makes your heart pound a little harder. It reminds you…
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Too Many Spiders, Vol. 2
I am afraid. I am afraid a lot. It’s because I scare easily. Not over things I’d consider irrational. Horror…
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Faster Than Sound
Bullets could do it. Cannon balls could do it. But no one knew whether a human being could do it.…
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The Pursuit of Happiness
People chase money. They chase sex. Fame. Status. They chase adventure. Education. Fitness. People chase fun. Friendship. Spiritual peace. ……
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