And Then I Woke Up Three Years Later
I spent the first year depressed and freaking out. I spent the second year using reading and writing to get…
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How to Scare Bruce Lee and Get Awesome at Stuff
I remember looking at the non-alphabetized letters on the keyboard and being amazed that people knew how to type fast.…
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Maybe It’s Time to Leave
My ex-wife reads this blog and probably often thinks: “Fuck that fucker,” even though she’s pretty nice to me most…
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How to Change Your Life and Always Feel Good
Warning: If you’re someone who A. Reads this blog regularly, or B. Prefers feeling miserable, you can skip this one…
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The Holidays One Year Later
When you’re co-dependent and have never truly been on your own and you haven’t had sex in more than a…
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The Truth About Lying
I looked my mom in the eye and lied to her about watching a movie I wasn’t allowed to watch…
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The Belt Notches
I was dressing for work the other day when it happened. While buckling my belt, I noticed it needed to…
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How To Never Have Bad Days
I was offered a job when I was 28 that would have basically eliminated financial concerns for the rest of…
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The Man in the Mirror
I see him every morning when I step out of the shower. We stare at one another again while I’m…
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Faster Than Sound
Bullets could do it. Cannon balls could do it. But no one knew whether a human being could do it.…
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