My Secret to Conquering Social Anxiety: Being Social
Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from my friend and colleague, Jenee Day. Jenee is a long-time anxiety sufferer…
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How to Comfort (and Not Comfort) Someone Going Through a Divorce
Only two kinds of people could help me feel better during my first year of coping with, adjusting to, and…
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Lonely in a Crowd: The Dangers of Modern Social Isolation on Health & Relationships
One of my newest friends and favorite people just moved about a four-hour drive away. He might as well have…
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Why Nonsense and Choosing the Wrong Thing Can’t be Ignored
“Feelings don’t matter.” I don’t think anyone currently or formerly close to me would accuse me of heartlessness, but I’ve…
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“Be Yourself” is Great Advice We’re Often Too Scared to Follow
Sometimes people tell you to “just be yourself” because they like you and assume other people will, too. They say…
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A Time for Fighting
If I kill a pedestrian with my car while obeying all laws and cooperating with law enforcement, I am unlikely…
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The Pursuit of Happiness
People chase money. They chase sex. Fame. Status. They chase adventure. Education. Fitness. People chase fun. Friendship. Spiritual peace. ……
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How to Live a Regret-Free Life
You’re going to die. Just like me. It might be in 80 years. It might be in 10. It might…
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