The Roommate Dilemma
I live unsustainably. I’ve known it for a while, but it really became evident when I was kicking around how…
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Don’t Come With Me if You Want to Live
I threw in my lot with most of you a long time ago. And by “most of you,” I mean…
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How to Feel Grateful, Vol. 3
The bitter cold moved in throughout the evening Monday. Even with the house thermostat set to 71 degrees, and the…
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How to Fail at Ignoring Jehovah’s Witnesses
I was pacing around the house as I often do while talking on the phone. We were discussing the Cleveland…
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The Word for 2014
Every New Year’s Eve, one of my friends and her sisters each choose a word they intend to make their…
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A New Year’s Toast
*clinks glass a few times* Sorry, everybody. Could I have your attention, please? I promise this won’t take long. Thank…
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The Yule Log
7:23 a.m. Ohhh. That last Christmas ale wasn’t the best idea. What’s that horrible taste in my mouth? Oh yeah.…
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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas and I was at home, totally alone, and writing a poem. The house is a…
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The Fantasy Life, Vol. 3
Not unlike some overdue library books I kept far too long, my fantasy football teams in 2013 were a reflection…
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How to Be a Man, Vol. 2
It was about 5 a.m. this morning when I discovered a subgroup of people I seriously didn’t know existed. The…
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