My Gaydar is Broken
I thought Dave wanted to be my friend. Fine by me. I’m friendly and stuff, and pretty much everyone I…
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Hey! Stop “Bob Rodgersing” My Pregnant Wife!
Author’s Note: Sexual assault isn’t funny. And if Bob Rodgers were to ever “Bob Rodgers” the wrong person, he could…
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The Pee Problem
Because I’m sometimes unreliable and don’t always follow through with things, I am getting serious about my body for the…
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A Girl at a Bar
It was to be a different kind of Valentine’s Day. I was okay with that. My five-year-old son had a…
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Technical Difficulties, Vol. 3
I premature ejac-posted tomorrow’s post while trying to edit it on my phone WHILE drinking. *shrug* I’m sorry. It will…
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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas and I was at home, totally alone, and writing a poem. The house is a…
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