The Search for Beauty in Divorce
Six short years ago, my wife was selfishly choosing her emotions over the wellbeing of our family. She was breaking…
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The Fastest Way to Stop Feeling Angry: How a Dying Child Changed the World
“I hate you, dad!” he yelled from his bedroom. “You always want me to do things how you would do…
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I Am the Monster You Should Be Afraid Of
How far back can you remember? I’m pretty sure I can remember moments when I was 3. We must have…
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The Illusion of Incorrectness: The One Time Seeing the Other Woman Can Save Your Marriage
Megan wrote: “I posted your ‘She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink’ article on FB and my…
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New Things and Places Make You Grow and I’m Almost 1% of the Way There
Even though I lived in three different states growing up, I didn’t understand that people in other places were different…
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What Matters More Than Your Relationships?
As a child dreaming about the future, I imagined myself in life scenarios I believed would make me happy. I…
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That Probably Doesn’t Matter
“What probably doesn’t matter?” Most things. Most things don’t matter. Whatever has you stressed. Whatever you’re doing instead of playing…
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How to Feel Grateful
I just watched Life of Pi. Reading the book was on my to-do list. But I just never got around…
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Bad Luck with a Side of Perspective
I played poker for the first time since my wife left. Just a few hours ago. My hopes were high…
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