Marriage problems

Would You Leave Your Spouse Over Dirty Dishes?: A Lesson on Conflict Management
We pulled into our parking space in Florida’s version of the “happiest place on earth,” and all of my insides…
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Text Less, Speak More — Because the Break-Up Sauce Tastes Awful
I want you to imagine a person looking you directly in the eye and saying: “I’m going to kill you.”…
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No, the Affair Didn’t Cause the Divorce
Sometimes, a married person has an affair, and everyone screams: “Oh my God, Roger and Beth got divorced because he/she…
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Poor Meal Planning Can End Your Marriage
“My DH (Darling Husband) makes me want to kill him over dinner. Kill him. I don’t know why 30 minutes…
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Vows, Bullshit and Personal Responsibility
bonbon2 wrote: “I don’t think it’s a wife’s responsibility to make husband understand what he should know, he is not…
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Could the Loss of Tribe be Jeopardizing Your Marriage?
Because I’m an only child, my friends have been hugely important to me forever, and I think it was an…
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Why Couples Always Have the Same Fight
There are always exceptions to the rule. People who never smoke sometimes die of lung cancer, and some smokers live…
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‘I’ve Ruined My Marriage and My Wife Hates Me’
She liked to shower at night. The downstairs bathroom, just down the hall from the guest room I was sleeping…
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A Failed Marriage, a Beautiful Son, and Tomorrow
“Fine. I’ll just stay with mom all the time and you won’t see me anymore!” he said about seven years…
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Why Marriage Counseling is a Bad Idea, Vol. 2
I’ve been to marriage counseling twice. By that I mean, in two separate instances during my marriage, I agreed to…
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