How to be Less of an Asshole in Life and Relationships
Sometimes I’d walk into the living room to find my wife watching 16 and Pregnant or some other TV show…
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Why I Support My Friend Who Won’t Change for His Girlfriend
So, I’ve got a friend who appears unwilling to change certain behaviors or sacrifice some of his life preferences for…
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Male Dishonesty & Divorce: Choosing the Man Card Over Succeeding ‘Like a Girl’
Men lie constantly. I think maybe everyone does. Sometimes, they are classic bald-faced lies: “I didn’t do it!” Even though…
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The Worst Thing Wives Do
During our first year of marriage, my wife was so unhappy living in Florida that she wanted to move back…
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What Will I Tell My Son To Help Him Avoid Divorce?
Lynda asked: “My question for you is: what are you going to say to your son to teach him how…
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Our Marriage is a Steam Train
Our marriage is a steam train. Like the old locomotives responsible for most long-distance travel and supply shipments from the…
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A Misdiagnosis Can Kill You
An infectious disease specialist who was suffering severe throat pain visited a doctor to figure out why. Acid reflux, his…
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The Secret About Men Most Women Don’t Know
The January 1956 edition of The Atlantic Monthly quotes The American Cancer Society as saying it “does not hold that…
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Male Commenters Are From Mars, Female Commenters Are From Venus 
I can see both sides now in a way I never could before. I wish I could explain how, because…
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The 4 Easy Steps for Getting Your Husband to Finally Listen to You
“How do I talk to my husband about this without making him defensive?” is a variation of the question I…
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